HAZARDS of Open Leaf Burning: Want to know more?



The State Journal Register: Springfield IL

CommunitiesShouldBanLfBurning.pdf CommunitiesShouldBanLfBurning.pdf
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EPA '97 Health And Environmental Effects of Particulate Matter

Health and environmental effects.pdf Health and environmental effects.pdf
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EPA: Leaf And Yard Trimming Management-Composting Vs. Residential Burning

EPAenvironmentalfactsheet.pdf EPAenvironmentalfactsheet.pdf
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Data Analysis Project: Leaf Burning Effects '99 prepared for the American Lung Association by T.R. Carr, Ph.D.

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American Lung Association of Iowa: Leaf Burning Effects & Alternatives

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Story of every parent's (of a child with Asthma) worst fear

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Peoria Journal Star 2001

Allowinglfburningcheapenskidslives.pdf Allowinglfburningcheapenskidslives.pdf
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2009 Daily Herald

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American Lung Association of Illinois

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